Chris Rock and Will Smith Must “Reconcile” After Oscars Slap : entertainment

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She’s talking like her being bald is cancer. Bitch you bald. Put on a wig and take your millions and hang on a beach away from everyone for the rest of your life. Oh She’s sooo brave. Get the fuck outta here.

Let’s talk to Matt Lucas and see how alopecia really effects someone. That dude was like 6 when he lost all his hair and he was a big fat kid. He was RELENTLESSLY bullied. Old people would bully him in the street even. It wasn’t just kids.

How has Jada ever been bullied for it before all this shit? A couple comments online? Nobody is saying ANYTHING to her face about it. She’s been considered nothing but beautiful her entire life. She’s just a horrible narcissist and this gives her “a struggle.” Fuck Jada and Fuck Will!

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