Lady Gaga Debuts a Blond Bob at House of Gucci LA Premiere

Lady Gaga has experimented with a variety of hairstyles during the House of Gucci tour. Her latest hairstyle was a blond bob with side-swept bangs. The super short hairstyle is most likely the work of a wig. Lady Gaga has used the press tour for her new film House of Gucci as an opportunity to … Read more

Smile’s long awaited album features fresh melodic lyricism and a new collab.

Joakim Åhlund and Björn Yttling release their first album today since 2012. Smile…their joined collaboration results with indie that is both teasing yet staid…the yellow van—painted black! With experimental rock neither overly optimistic nor lugubrious. Futuristic in quality, their technology is bridled with an underlying sensitivity. Phantom Island, their latest contribution is a layered rhythmic … Read more

‘Numb’ the new single following footsteps yet frays of course to a leave ridden path.

Neither garish nor demure, Abisha sings with a cinnamon infused contradiction. Redefining category, the 25-year-old Londoner who currently inhabits the space between pop and rbnb writing lyrics with a self-affirmed confidence.   A space previously claimed, the boldness of Abisha’s prose is of a less exacting position and reminds us that… “it feels like we’ve … Read more

A guide to the nearly 3,000 miles of new U.S. bike trails

The routes: The 349.8-mile USBR 77 pushes off from the Idaho border and travels south to the Cache Valley, which is named after the early trappers who hid (“cacher” in French) their pelts and provisions here. From Logan, a university town on the Logan River, cyclists roll through the Wasatch Front and the eeny, meeny, … Read more

How to remove mold from walls

Whether the mold is on porous or nonporous surfaces, probably the most important aspect of cleanup is preventing the mold from reappearing. One of the key conditions that allows mold to flourish is moisture, which can form on surfaces because of a water leak or because of condensation from warm, humid air hitting a cold … Read more

10 Craft Gin Brands You Should Add To Your Drinks Cabinet

The rise of craft gin in the UK, and the number of new distilleries making it over the last five years or so, cannot go unnoticed. More and more people have discovered the world of gin because of this recent boom. Locally foraged ingredients, passionate distillers and small-batch products are just a few of the … Read more