7 Ways You Can Create a Luxury Home –

Homeowners can make their homes luxurious by upgrading the interior and exterior of their homes. When you do that, it will enhance the visual appearance of your home. Besides that, it will add value to your home. This article provides seven ways you can create a luxury home. Ways To Create a Luxury Home Refresh … Read more

Sales Startup Aircover Secures $3 mln In Seed Funding

Aircover, a sales startup based in San Mateo, has raised $3 million in seed funding to expand its real-time sales intelligence platform. The funding round was led by Defy Partners, with participation from Firebolt Ventures, Flex Capital, and Ridge Ventures. Industry veterans in video conferencing, enterprise software, and machine learning, also participated in the round … Read more

Fundraising Startup Omaze Raises $85 mln In Series C Funding

Omaze, a social impact fundraising startup based in Los Angeles, has announced the completion of a Series C funding round at $85 million to continue supporting global charities Louis Bacon’s Moore Strategic Ventures (MSV) led the round, which also counted with the participation of Telstra Ventures, Causeway Media Partners, Mockingbird Ventures, Pegasus Ventures, BDMI, Wndrco, … Read more

How The New Product Marketing Plan Works For Dentists –

A dental marketing company has the ability to help a dental practice in many different ways. They can help with new patients, existing patients, and even clients returning to the practice after a year or so. The type of patients that a dental marketing company works with is based on how many clients a practice … Read more

How to Promote Your New Product As A Dental Company –

One of the easiest ways for a dental marketing company to get new patients is by creating a dental care awareness campaign. This can be done by participating in dental-related events or creating an infomercial. You can also have your own radio or television ad campaign that promotes your new product or service and makes … Read more

4 Ps of Marketing That Will Ensure Your Business Succeeds –

The term “marketing mix” has a rich history, typically focused on price, product, location, and promotions. The marketing mix was first defined in a white paper published by David Norton and Robert Kaplan in the 1970s. Since then, the marketing mix has evolved greatly, with many additions and subtractions depending on the market, the company, … Read more

Fantasy Sports Startup Sleeper Raises $40 mln In Series C Funding

Sleeper, a fantasy sports startup based in San-Francisco, has raised $40 million in Series C funding to expand its platform in the United States. The funding round was co-led by General Partners David George and Andrew Chen on behalf of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest venture capitalist firms. In addition to the financial giant, … Read more

8 Types of Marketing Opportunities That Never Work Online –

Marketing research involves gathering statistics, studies, and general knowledge about a specific industry or sector. It can often require multiple approaches, a carefully planned approach, and detailed analysis. But that does not mean new businesses have to have a full-blown marketing department just to learn about market demand from customers. Many businesses do not realize … Read more