10 Best Mascaras For Beginners

Mascara is a beauty essential. It makes your eyelashes look longer and darker and your lash line appear thicker. Mascara also helps frame your eyes to enhance their natural beauty and brighten their color. However, all mascaras are not created equal and great mascara can be difficult to find. The trouble is, countless mascaras sold … Read more

Instagram: A Watch Brand’s Best Friend

But as smartphone cameras improved, allowing better macro photography, watch lovers began to come around. Over the past few years, and especially in the midst of pandemic lockdowns that gave people ample time to spend on social media, the industry has done a 180-degree turn. While the platform’s impact on watch design may be oblique, … Read more

Success Can Be Tricky for Independent Watchmakers

If you think buying a choice Rolex has become nearly impossible, try buying a Grönefeld. Last month Bart and Tim Grönefeld — the Horological Brothers, as the co-founders of Grönefeld Watches are known — announced on Instagram that they were “fully booked” and would not be taking orders until further notice. “It is very sad … Read more

A New Face in Children’s Watches

It is a critical question in the watch industry: How do you get young people to wear analog watches? The rise of connected devices has sent exports of low-cost analog watches into a spin. In Switzerland, exports of watches valued at less than 500 Swiss francs, or $538, declined by 7.5 million units a year … Read more

In Watchmaking, the Pleasing Principles of Phi

Mathematics, art and watchmaking collided in late summer when the new watch brand Bianchet introduced its first timepiece at Geneva Watch Days. “Because we were not coming from the horology industry, so it was a long process of learning,” Emmanuelle Festa Bianchet, 55, said in a Zoom interview from the brand’s headquarters in Montfaucon, in … Read more

History, the Meridian and a New Watch

To create its newest watch, the English company Bremont acquired metal from an unlikely source: Royal Observatory Greenwich, the English institution probably best known as the birthplace of the Greenwich Meridian, the longitude line that has been used since the late 1800s to set global time. Each watch in the limited edition of 300 pieces, … Read more

Want a Shark or Splatter Art on Your Wrist?

Five years ago when Chris Alexander dismantled his Seiko Turtle diver’s watch so he could paint its dial, he had no idea it would change his life. “I posted a picture of it on Reddit, and before long, my inbox was full,” Mr. Alexander, 37, said in a phone interview. “People all over the world … Read more