Espro French Press Sale: Save 20% on Our Favorite Coffee Brewer

Investing in any Espro French press is the quickest way to level up your home brewing; so much so, that its baseline mode, the P3, is our favorite French press on the market—the one we’d recommend to practically everyone. It has its flaws (like poor heat retention), but it’s still top-notch. And right now, it’s … Read more

How Colombia Inspires Fashion Designer Kika Vargas

Beyond geographical location, Vargas’ brand is also heavily inspired by Colombia’s look and feel. You see it in the frothy textures, colorful prints, ruffled hemlines, and detailed construction that has always characterized Latin American craftsmanship. The overall effect is also embedded with a bit of fantasy, or what is known in the literary and art … Read more

The 24 Best Trench Coats You Can Buy, Period

Trends are cool and all, but some of the most stylish women we know have cultivated their great taste in clothes not by trying every new fleeting style that pops up but by relying on a few select wardrobe staples. As style people ourselves, we like to keep tabs on our what our fashion friends are … Read more

Madewell x Rentrayage Collection Launch 2022

“The design process is super-similar to how we design at Rentrayage. We started with Madewell’s old inventory, looked at the pieces, and started to cut them up, smashing things together in unexpected ways,” says Rentrayage founder Erin Beatty. “For instance, with the mashup denim shirt jacket, we used existing seams to cut into, replaced the bottom half … Read more

Two-Tone Watches That Leave the Past Behind

It might seem hard to bring the two-tone watch back into fashion when its most famous model is Patrick Bateman, the titular “American Psycho” of Bret Easton Ellis’s 1991 novel. In Mary Harron’s darkly comic 2000 film adaptation, the serial killer and investment banker, played by Christian Bale, treasures and flaunts his dual metal timepiece … Read more

9 Fashion Trends That Are Rooted in Latin Culture

I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that our fast-paced lives have so many implications for our fashion choices. On the one hand, we’ve never been more connected on a global scale than we are now. The fact that a writer like me in New York can publish a story about what people are wearing in Milan the same … Read more

Is Fashion Week Embracing Responsibility?

After it was reported that a typical New York Fashion Week emits up to 48,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, there were calls for the fashion weeks in London, Milan, New York and Paris to rein in their harmful environmental impacts. The booming digital fashion industry, with its virtual runways and NFTs, promises to make … Read more