Exercise Extreme Mindfulness with These Calming Zen Rock Garden Videos

The Internet is a place where the ancient past and the modern and trend-driven can collide and produce wondrous things. The concept of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) took off in 2007, describing the pleasurable tingling response from various stimuli, such as whispering, or quietly being read a story, or listening to the closely mic’d … Read more

Arbitrary lines | Eurozine

Since the dawn of modernity some five centuries ago, the citizens of all sorts of European states have tended to perceive their continent as a highly specific and an especially valuable place. Europeans today increasingly – and rightly – view their continent as a rather small corner of the world that may no longer be … Read more

Why the world still loves 1970s detective show Columbo

After what proved to be the final outing, 2003’s Columbo Likes the Nightlife, Falk planned one more Columbo episode, Columbo’s Last Case (that would start at Columbo’s retirement party). But a combination of lack of network interest and Falk’s age and declining health meant it wasn’t to be. Falk died in June 2011 from Alzheimer’s … Read more

France pays national tribute to New Wave cinema icon Belmondo

Issued on: 09/09/2021 – 15:55 Lying in state as thousands file past his coffin and a speech by the president: such were the rare honours prepared Thursday for actor Jean-Paul Belmondo after he died this week at the age of 88. France has been cast into mourning by the passing of Belmondo, an icon of … Read more

Best Electric Skateboards For Adults & Kids

The best electric skateboards under $500 for adults and kids. Explore the best off-road, longboard with remote, and cheap electric skateboard kits that will let you travel in style. PIN me for later Best Electric Skateboards For Adults & Kids * Disclaimer: Some links on AsianaCircus.com are affiliate links. If you click through and make … Read more

150 years Paris Commune | Eurozine

Urban research journal dérive celebrates the Paris Commune 150 years on. Editor Christoph Laimer quotes Marx, who considered that the commune’s ‘true secret was … the political form at last discovered in which to work out the economic emancipation of labour’. Laimer also references the sociologist Roger V. Gould, who argued that the commune was … Read more

War – what is it good for?

Reviewing recent literature on war, political scientist Tõnis Saarts argues in Vikerkaar for a ‘bellocentric’ view of history. War, he writes, has accelerated the development of central features of modern societies that we now take for granted: constitutionalism, democracy, women’s rights and the welfare state. According to Saarts, the war-torn history of Europe explains the … Read more

Merkel’s failures | Eurozine

Head in the sand, reactive, apolitical: Albrecht von Lucke’s verdict on the Merkel era is anything but favourable (German here). She has failed, he writes, in three major areas. The first is climate. In her book ‘The Price of Survival’, published in 1997 when Merkel was environment minister, she wrote that ‘anyone who claims that … Read more