Colette: The most beloved French writer of all time

However, with Willy still retaining the royalties from the Claudine books, Colette was penniless, and to earn money she became a music hall performer. This appealed to her sense of performance and enabled her to play with gender roles: one minute dressed in drag as a besuited man, the next posing with a bare breast … Read more

‘Barbarian’ Writer/Director Zach Cregger’s Next Film ‘Weapons’ Is Reportedly a “Multistory Horror Epic” Similar to ‘Magnolia’

Zach Cregger scored one of 2022’s breakout hits with the bitingly funny, socially attuned horror movie Barbarian, and clearly the film industry has taken notice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a colossal bidding war over his follow-up project ended with New Line paying a hefty sum for the rights to his follow-up film, Weapons. THR revealed that major offers for Cregger’s … Read more

The Best LGBTQ+ Books of 2023 (So Far)

It’s shaping up to be another difficult year for LGBTQ+ rights, as legislative attacks on trans and gender-nonconforming individuals continue apace and books that promote tolerance and inclusivity are banned across the country. As difficult as it can feel to muster resilience in the face of all this homophobic and transphobic oppression, there is power … Read more

Album Review: Fucked Up, ‘One Day’

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: One Day is a tight record. It’s Fucked Up’s shortest full-length to date, a significant milestone for a band that has made the occasional compact statement but is mostly known for continuously expanding its horizons. Though they’ve kept busy in the past few years – embracing bold concepts … Read more

Life under occupation | Eurozine

Very little information is available to the outside world about the situation for Ukrainians who have remained in the regions occupied by Russia since 24 February 2022. Working from Ukrainian and Russian-language sources, Tatiana Zhurzhenko provides a rare insight on life behind the Russian lines. The humanitarian situation is dire: basic services, food and medical … Read more

Poker Face review: A deft Columbo update for Knives Out fans

The sleek, involving first episode, written and directed by Johnson, is among the best. The murder happens at a garish Las Vegas-like hotel and casino, and the episode is shot to look like a 1970s television show, with saturated colours and ominous music cues. That playful look works once, then Johnson smartly drops it for … Read more

Fever Ray Shares Video for New Single ‘Kandy’

Fever Ray has shared ‘Kandy’, the latest single from their upcoming album Radical Romantics. Karin Dreijer wrote and produced the track with their brother and Knife bandmate, Olof Dreijer, and the siblings also co-star in the accompanying video from director Martin Falck. Check out the clip, which pays homage to the visual for the Knife’s … Read more

On the High Highs—And Chaotic Lows—Of This Year’s Oscars Slate

Screaming banshees (of Inisherin), it’s Oscar nominations week and tongues are wagging about who’s been snubbed (spoiler, it’s nearly the entire population of Wakanda). The (hopefully) slap-free Academy Awards arrive in March, so we’re mere months away from my favorite night of the year: evening wear, everywhere, all at once.  There are two dressing camps on … Read more

Film show: A bombastic year for Oscar nods as blockbusters return

Issued on: 25/01/2023 – 15:39Modified: 25/01/2023 – 15:42 The Academy Awards embrace some of 2022’s blockbusters in this year’s nominations, with “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Elvis” in the running. Critic Ben Croll tells us more about the frontrunner “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, as Michelle Yeoh dazzles in this sci-fi … Read more