California Medical Cannabis Patients Can Get Free Cannabis. Here’s How

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Just before noon on a sunny California Friday, a very pregnant-looking Charlene Modeste steps out of her L.A. home to meet a driver for the weed delivery service Eaze who hands off a bag containing more than $1,000 worth of cannabis products. But things aren’t quite what they appear to be: Modeste hasn’t paid a dime for the delivery, and she’s very much not pregnant.

“What’s happening with me is I have a chronic condition and it looks like I have a baby,” Modeste explained. “But I’m one of those people that’s pregnant — but not with child. I have uterine fibroids. I had surgery to remove them. Then they grew back.”

Modeste, a medical marijuana patient who consumes about a gram of cannabis oil a day, receives the free-of-charge deliveries from Eaze every couple of months and calls the cost savings “incalculable.”

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