By Far Launches a Buildable Perfume Library That Doubles as the Perfect Accessory

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As more fragrance brands experiment with refill programs, customization, and immersive experiences, Daydreams stands out not just for its totally unique modular components, but also because it’s the most fun you’ll have with what is otherwise a fairly banal perfume selection and application process. “It was really the same thing with the bags and the shoes,” Ignatova explains of the inception of the brand’s first foray into beauty, which has been in the works for three years. “First of all, we are lovers of perfume and the amazing, poetic journey it allows you to be a part of. But also we saw a gap in the market for perfumes that can become a part of your everyday life outside of your home.” The goal, she continues, was for the Daydream collection to be the first wearable and buildable perfume where every customer is part of the creation.

And there is certainly a sense of participation in choosing between Daydream of Hopscotch’s youthful bouquet of pear, geranium, and vanilla absolue; Daydream of a Splash’s fresh blend of succulent cactus, water lily, and white musk; and Ignatova’s favorite, Daydream of Bingo Queen, which pairs a four-leaf clover accord with pink pepper and orange blossom. The 100% natural alcohol formulas, each of which is composed around a base of Turkish and Bulgarian recycled rose essential oil—an unifying essence recovered from discarded rose water—can also be layered, which only adds to the overall appeal, and which has not been lost on By Far fan Kendall Jenner. Jenner stars in the campaign for the fragrances that also features an instantly viral video leveraging “Fantasy, the iconic bop from Mariah Carey’s 1995 album, Daydream. Somewhat unbelievably, getting the rights to the song was apparently a breeze, Ignatova tells me, perhaps another piece of magic conjured up by team By Far. “We have seven VIP boxes with the full collection, six of which we are sending to all the Kardashian sisters and Kris. The seventh will be sent to Mariah,” Ignatova says excitedly, realizing perhaps the biggest daydream of all.

By Far Daydreams is available today at By Far’s Los Angeles flagship, as well as within select retailers worldwide including Fwrd, Selfridges, Lvr, and Wow.

By Far Daydream Of Rose Garden

By Far Daydream Of Someone I Knew

By Far Daydream Of Love Trance

By Far Daydream Of A Splash

By Far Daydream Of Passing Clouds

By Far Daydream Of Bingo Queen

By Far Daydream Of Hopscotch

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