Burko Debuts His Vocals on New Single “Here Before”

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Burko has taken over the SoCal scene by storm with his uniquely dark-yet-melodic style of house and techno. Today, he showcases his vocal prowess by debuting his own vocal performance on his new track, “Here Before,” a driving melodic techno track. With “Here Before,” Burko solidifies his range of talents as one of the few house/techno producers who can deliver a stunning vocal performance.

On “Here Before” Burko tells us: “When I wrote “Here Before” I was in my last bit of grad school, and had a lot of pressure from family to go into a more traditional line of work after graduation. I knew I needed to push myself and the Burko project harder if I was going to move into music full time after graduating, so I decided to do something with this song I had never done before, sing on my own track. Putting nerves aside of letting my singing voice be heard, I wrote these vocals around the theme of “staying the course.” The lyric in the song, “Don’t lose sight of why we’re here” is a reminder to myself not to lose sight of the dream of making music and touring after graduation, instead of a more traditional route. And the title, “Here Before,” refers to the place in my mind I sometimes end up at, when fear of the future sets in and I have to remind myself to stay the course.”

Be on the look out as Burko continues to evolve with every new release.

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