Brightland Terrain Spice Blend Review

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A bright and bold blend made with single origin dried herbs, fruit, and chilis equitably sourced from farmers, this spice blend will enliven virtually anything you make this winter. The spice mix is unlike anything I’ve ever personally tried before, comprised of hand-harvested Turkish oregano buds, Mayan Cobanero chili sourced from Guatemala, Turkish sun-dried tomato, Ea Sar Black Pepper regeneratively grown in Vietnam, and — the standout ingredient, in my opinion — sun-dried, ground Guatemalan black lime.

So far, I’ve used Terrain in dry rubs for seared chicken breasts and salmon filets, I’ve added a heaping teaspoon or two into homemade salad vinaigrettes, and I’ve even sprinkled the spice blend directly onto popcorn, hard-boiled eggs, and warm, crusty bread with olive oil. This spice blend is perfectly balanced with equal parts tangy and savory notes, and it’s endlessly versatile. I’ll be using this spice blend in hearty stews, lentil soups, and fresh, crunchy salads all winter long. The tartness from sun-dried tomato and umami-rich dried lime add such unique flavor to my home-cooked meals.

Equal parts earthy, savory, floral, fiery, and tart, this spice mix adds depth and complexity to virtually anything I cook. I recommend you gift the home cook in your life this unique blend, and also pick up a jar for your own home spice cabinet.

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