Brad Pitt’s Leg Tattoos at “Bullet Train” Premiere

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Today, we learned Brad Pitt is exceedingly tattooed. The actor has done a decent job hiding his ink on set and at events, but amid a record-breaking heatwave, Pitt let his legs breathe. At the “Bullet Train” premiere in Berlin on July 19, he wore a linen skirt revealing several shin tattoos previously not clocked by the public. As it turns out, the leg tattoos are part of a collection of at least 15 individual tattoos Pitt has gotten over the years.

Pitt’s leg tattoos largely seem to consist of various skull illustrations, while sprawling across his upper body are poems, song lyrics, and tributes to his family. It seems Angelina Jolie, who herself has plenty of body art, inspired many of the tattoos Pitt received during their 11-year relationship. For example, one forearm bears the initials of his six children, as well as his ex-wife. But Pitt also has many seemingly random scribblings we may never know the meaning behind, like a thin line on his hand, or the motorbike on his bicep.

Ahead, read our breakdown of Pitt’s many tattoos that’s as comprehensive as currently possible.

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