Best Kitchen Stain Remover: Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner Review

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As far as cleaning tasks go, scrubbing stains out of countertops is my least favorite thing to do. I don’t know about you, but my current rental has these pristine white marble countertops that instantly suck in whatever spills onto them. Coffee blotches, spice streaks, even tiny oil puddles! Over the past few years, I have tried a few different cleaning methods, but nothing has proven to be effective. And since New York City rentals are notorious for deducting any slight damage from security deposits, I was pretty certain our stained countertops were going to cost us big. Luckily, Puracy’s Natural Surface Cleaner came to the rescue.

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You may recall my obsession with the brand’s stain remover, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try their surface cleaner as well. Full confession: I added it to my basket only to meet the site’s $35 free shipping quota, and I’m so glad I did. For starters, my countertop had dark streaky blotches from an old coffee spill that stubbornly refused to leave, even after a baking soda and vinegar scrub down. Puracy’s surface cleaner wiped it out within minutes! I simply sprayed the formula directly onto the stained area, used a microfiber cloth to work it in for a couple of minutes, and voila, the stain disappeared!

As a messy cook, I’m often guilty of leaving a trail of brightly colored spices on surfaces other than the pan. Just like tough coffee stains, these are impossibly hard to scrub out, even with rubbing alcohol and a washcloth. Puracy’s stain remover paired with a magic eraser took care of these bright spots within seconds. Another perk? The non-toxic, naturally derived formula is safe for use near the fruit bowls and snacks that typically clutter my countertop.

Besides kitchen countertops, I’ve used Puracy’s surface cleaner on my glass coffee table, the graffiti pattern of stains on the wall behind my trash can, and even stainless steel appliances. And yes, it’s worked every single time. The non-abrasive formula gently buffs away stains without scuffing surfaces — a major plus, if you’re a renter like me! The surface cleaner is so good, in fact, that sometimes on lazy weekends, I’ll completely clear off my countertop and give it a thorough rub-down just to get that extra shine.

My cleaning arsenal is slowly being dominated by Puracy products, and honestly, I’m not complaining. They’re eco-friendly, affordable, and last a long time. As for the surface cleaner? For $7 it’s the cheapest (and only!) magic trick I have ever successfully pulled off!

Buy: Puracy Multi-Surface Cleaner, $5.60 (Normally $7.00)

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