Behind the Scenes of Daisy Ridley’s Epic and Artsy Paris Fashion Week

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Stella McCartney’s fall 2022 show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The collection, unveiled at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, was a meeting of the minds between McCartney and art legend Frank Stella. Those lucky enough to snag a seat in the front row were treated to the sight of models walking through the building’s famous Renzo-Piano- and Richard-Rogers-designed clear tubes as British experimental band Jockstrap’s latest hit played in the background. For actress Daisy Ridley, that energy and atmosphere was half the fun. “My favorite part was just taking in the clothes with the music blaring and Paris as the most spectacular backdrop,” she shared post-event. 

Ridley, who returns to the big screen later this year in the indie drama, Sometimes I Think About Dying, entered the venue in style. Clad in dark sunglasses with her dark hair cropped into a pixie cut, she embraced a bold new look, accentuated by McCartney’s designs and styled by Samantha McMillen. With a colorful patterned trench from the brand’s pre-fall collection layered over her pleated dress and a pair of black cowboy boots completing the look, Ridley was modern and fresh. 

The luxurious wardrobe was a plus, but the highlight of the star’s trip was refreshingly down to earth. While in Paris, Ridley likes to grab a croissant, hit the streets, and work on her pronunciation. “I’m trying to speak French as much as possible—even though I’m not great,” says Ridley. “The Parisians I spoke to were amazingly patient!” 

Below, a glimpse into Ridley’s Paris experience from her high-tech pre-show beauty routine to taking in one of the week’s most artistic collections. 

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