Bam Margera Picked Up After Fleeing Rehab Center, Taken Back For Treatment : entertainment

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I’m not sure that this is it. I’ve been to a few of these facilities, and they have absolutely outrageous rules. In my opinion, they are often hell on mental health, and you can come out worse. If he wants to search for a new treatment center, he should be allowed to. I can understand the court order, but you should be able to choose where you want to go for rehab. I get that because of the order, they can’t just let him go, but perhaps he’s just trying to make a statement, because they wouldn’t let him talk to anyone, or get his concerns voiced. Perhaps what he should have done was find the nearest lawyer.

People just don’t understand how fucked our legal system is, and how badly it fucks over mental health. Often times you can’t call anyone, your locked in without any internet, or any control over your own life. That’s not living, that’s basically being In prison. He should be monitored, but allowed to at least be a person, and make choices without feeling trapped. People run away when they feel trapped.

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