Awkwafina Defends Herself Against ‘Blaccent’ Criticism, Quits Twitter : entertainment

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is this her NAACP Image Award acceptance speech?

She hella late on this. People been dragging her azz for years. Now she making herself a victim? Therapy? She need a therapist for pretending to sound black?

No one is attacking you for using the accent. I’ve seen Asians in NYC use it. They hood too.

The problem here is she did it for YouTube fame, like it’s a gimmick, then when she got on she act like she went straight and forgot all about it.

If this were a non-Asian person using an exaggerated Asian accent for Youtube views and fame. We’d be racist right?

If she grew up in Long Island…Queens…she should know better. How many black friends you see her walking around with, while she using that accent outside of YouTube?

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