Avril Lavigne on Her New Album, Collecting Tiaras, and Never Changing Her Style

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Below, Lavigne talks to Vogue about the inspiration behind some of her new songs, what’s in her closet (hint: she collects tiaras), some of her iconic fashion moments (remember her early-aughts phase of wearing men’s ties?), and how she’s going to prepare for her upcoming tour.

Tell me more about your mood going into this album.

I started talking to Travis [Barker, who contributed to the album] in 2020, and then I worked on it all of last year. I decided to make a fun rock and roll record. I was just not in the mood to sing ballads or mid-tempos—I was like, let’s just rock. I worked with really cool fun people on the scene, like Machine Gun Kelly, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker. 

What did working with all these different artists bring to the table?

They brought their own flavor and skill. Having new people to work with is really inspiring. Machine Gun Kelly is a fantastic writer and he played guitar; Mark [Hoppus] played bass on his song; Travis plays drums on some of the songs. It really sounds sonically different with their chops on it, instead of just hiring a studio session player. I’ll work with producers and they’ll hire a guitar player, and I always have to sit with them and go through each track and make notes. But when John Feldmann played guitar, I was like, “you’re my favorite guitar player!” Everyone understood me and what I was going for.

I love how the album opens with this line, “Like a ticking time bomb, I’m about to explode!”

Let’s go bitches! That song is so energetic, manic, and insane. It definitely felt like an album opener.

The album title, Love Sux, is cheeky—but you must still love love on some level?

Yes, definitely. I was feeling that way, and then a few days later, I had a new boyfriend. I was like, “I’m taking a break, I’m going to focus on myself”—and that didn’t last long. I was just feeling a certain type of way and wrote a bunch of songs about it. Obviously, I want to be in a relationship, and do love love. (I’m a Libra.) I actually had a really hard time opening up [after the breakup.] I wrote a song called “Dare to Love Me” about it. It’s hard to go there again after you’ve been hurt a few times. You’re more reserved and careful. 

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