Astroworld Update: Congressional Committee Opens Investigation

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The long, sad saga of Travis Scott’s Astroworld has been going on for almost two months now. Ever since the tragic deaths and injuries at the festival in early November, blame and lawsuits have flown in every direction. As for the latter, it was reported all those suits would be combined into a single giant case. Scott has given interviews defending himself, claiming it wasn’t his responsibility.

Now, AP reports that a congressional committee has opened an investigation into the event, with the House Oversight And Reform Committee issuing a letter to Michael Rapino, the president and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment Inc. The letter asks for information about Live Nation’s role in Astroworld, including details regarding security, crowd control, and mass casualty incident planning. The committee is also looking for details about pre-show briefings about safety concerns by Live Nation or its subsidiaries.

The committee gave Live Nation a deadline of 1/7 to provide its responses, and the company is also supposed to provide a briefing for the committee 1/12.

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