Armin van Buuren and Sam Gray Drop Uplifting Piano House Single “Human Touch”

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Armin van Buuren is back with his first single of 2022, “Human Touch.” Armin teams up with rising English singer Sam Gray for an uplifting piano house tune that will have you yearning for the dancefloor and have you reaching out for that “Human Touch.”

Despite the uplifting nature of the track, the song is about how without human interaction, we’re just not quite the same. Almost two years into the pandemic, who can’t relate to that sentiment. The production on the track is fairly minimal, some light synths and pads in the background allow Sam Gray’s soaring vocals to really shine. The chorus and drop feature some euphoric piano house and a groovy beat. Here’s what Armin and Sam had to say about this epic collab.

“I love working with artists who bring a unique perspective to the table, and Sam Gray did just that as someone who’s rapidly becoming a vocal force to be reckoned with in the music industry. ‘Human Touch’ is a song I think lots of people can relate to and draw strength from. I hope it inspires everyone to reach out to one another and reassure them they’ll always have someone to turn to.” – Armin van Buuren

“I woke up one morning really feeling the time it’s been since I’ve seen my family in the U.K. During the pandemic, we’ve all adjusted to Zoom sessions and FaceTime calls being our new normal. While I’m grateful for technology, it’s not and will never be the same as sitting in the same room or holding someone in your arms. We’re all just making the best of a terrible season. The isolation has been devastating both to witness and experience. I’m grateful that Armin heard my heart and helped make this record the very special song that it is. I don’t know a human that doesn’t relate.” – Sam Gray

Check out the lyric video for Armin van Buuren & Sam Gray’s “Human Touch”, out now on Armada.

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