Antoni Porowski Is Hosting an Easy-Bake Oven Inspired Cooking Show

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It’s time to dust off the old Easy-Bake oven.

Antoni Porowski is doling out a heaping serving of nostalgia with the upcoming Netflix competition show Easy-Bake Battle. The series is inspired by Hasbro’s iconic children’s toy and will follow “skilled and ultra clever home cooks, all with a ton of heart and soul, facing off and using their most ingenious kitchen hacks to prove who can make the easiest, fastest and most delicious food.”

Each of the eight episodes will see three chefs go head to head in a series of “both savory and sweet challenges, each based on relatable food-filled life situations that require them to pull off a fast and clever meal within a designated time, and making it as easy as possible!” The winners of each challenge will take home $25,000 and move on to the next round. The person left standing in round three will be awarded a whopping prize of $100,000. 

Easy-Bake Battle will premiere this fall on Netflix.

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