Anita Hill To Launch Weekly Podcast With Malcom Gladwell’s Pushkin – Deadline

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EXCLUSIVE: Anita Hill, who was thrust into the national spotlight when she accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, is launching her own podcast.

The author, lawyer and feminist icon has teamed up with Malcolm Gladwell’s Pushkin Industries to launch Getting Even with Anita Hill.

The weekly audio series, which launches on February 28, will feature conversations between Hill and a range of guests revealing their own stories of vulnerability and accountability while carving unconventional pathways to equality.

The first episode will see Hill weigh in on the upcoming SCOTUS pick and what it means for the country. She will examine the 1991 Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and what would have happened if the Senate had taken the issue of sexual harassment and its role in evaluating character and fitness for judges more seriously.

Guests will include civil rights activist Kimberlé Crenshaw, author and professor Tressie McMillan Cottom, comedian W. Kamau Bell, and ballet dancer Misty Copeland and topics featured include critical race theory, underrepresentation in Silicon Valley and body scrutiny and discrimination.

The show is produced by Pushkin Industries, which Gladwell founded with Jacob Weisberg and is behind podcasts such as Revisionist History, Against the Rules, Lost Hills and A Slight Change of Plans.

Hill also leads the Hollywood Commission working with entertainment industry and unions to eradicate harassment, discrimination and power abuse.

“For my entire career of 41 years, I’ve been committed to advancing equality for the vulnerable and underrepresented,” said Hill. “Over 30 years of research goes into the making of this show. It will expand our definitions of equality and explore ways to deliver it through a range of solutions to contemporary inequities.”

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