An Expert Guide To Pleasing by Harry Styles

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Welcome to Glam Room, our new beauty destination where we put celeb-founded beauty brands to the test. As A-listers continue to launch new ranges on the regular, we’re using our beauty editor expertise to sniff out which products from the line are worth the hype—no lies, no publicists, no ads. First up: Pleasing, created by the singer, songwriter, icon, and heartthrob, Harry Styles.


I still remember the day I said to myself, “Oh, damn, I think I like Harry Styles.” I spent most of middle school belittling my friends who were having their One Direction phases while I was listening to the White Stripes, feeling superior. But then his first solo album came out, and I heard an amazing song playing on the radio. When I found out who sang it, I sent a bunch of apology texts to people I’d made fun of. Okay, so Harry Styles is cool. Got it.

His beauty line, Pleasing, launched with a mix of skincare and nail polishes. His second drop solidified the line for me, by giving off the vibe that if we want to mimic his look, all we need is some cool-looking polishes, a sense of ’70s nostalgia we weren’t alive for, and beautifully, glowing skin. As it stands, he has eight nail polishes, an eye and lip serum pen, a glowing skin serum, a brand-new hand cream, and an overnight acid treatment.


I love the occasional manicure, but to be honest, nail colors don’t hold a special place in my heart. Maybe because I played musical instruments for so long (where are my harpists at!) that required short, bare nails, or perhaps it’s because I am a serial chipper. Either way, I’m just not overwhelmingly interested. I’ve tried the Pleasing polishes and in my opinion, they are fine. Like most nail polishes. What intrigued me most is the skincare: The Hand + Nail Balm, Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum, the Pearlescent Illuminating Serum, and the Pleasing Pen. Here are my honest thoughts on each.

The Hand + Nail Balm

I am possibly the most judgmental hand cream tester, and I dock points at the smallest infraction. The Hand + Nail Balm is great. It’s super thick without being greasy and has the most subtle scent that makes my hands feel fancy, and my cuticles not look appalling.

Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum

Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum has one of my favorite skincare textures: It feels very hydrating on the skin, but sinks in quickly, leaving you with a slightly tacky, very dewy, I-just-applied-skincare look. This serum uses naturally-derived, ethically-harvested acids to brighten and replenish dull skin, to be used once or twice a week. It didn’t irritate my skin at all or feel tingly, which is a big plus when you’re dealing with anything that has alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), but it did leave my skin feeling more luminous and healthier.

Pearlescent Illuminating Serum

I think of the Pearlescent Illuminating Serum as more of a primer than a skincare product: Despite its skin-boosting capabilities, it has a subtle glow and hydrating finish that pairs nicely with my cosmetic products. I also dab a tiny bit on top of my makeup for a faux-glow which works well for a subtle dewy look.

The Pleasing Pen

In my opinion, the Pleasing Pen works best for people who enjoy the experience of applying skincare–the roller balls are really nice and cooling. One side of the pen is a lip treatment, and the other is an eye serum. For me, who prefers to slather things on in a truly ugly, un-TikTokable way, I don’t have a ton of patience for delicate handling. Nevertheless, I liked the sheen of the lip product, and how un-goopy the eye cream is.


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This was a hard call, seeing as I truly adore the Acid Drops nighttime serum and am excited to keep using it. But let me just say that I am not easy to please when it comes to hand creams. I’ve tried fancy ones, mid-range options, and cheap drugstore picks, and none of them are, well, pleasing. My ideal hand cream is thick, not sticky, sinks in but lasts hours, doesn’t smell too strong, and is housed in a container that doesn’t make it impossible to get out the last few drops. The Hand + Nail Balm does all of those things and more.

Especially when it’s cold out and my hands get dry and crumbly, a product like the Hand + Nail Balm is something I will treasure. I’ve already added it to my nightstand–the highest compliment I can give–and I’m thinking of getting another one to throw in my purse. It’s an added bonus that it makes my nail beds look manicure-ready, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t actually get manicures very often. All in all, if you’re going to buy just one Pleasing product, make it the Hand + Nail Balm. I’m very excited to hopefully meet Harry Styles one day–especially now that I know his hands are baby soft.

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