Amber Riley Will Show Her “Dark Side” in Single Black Female

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Single Black Female is Amber Riley like you’ve never seen her before.

A twist on the 1992 thriller Single White Female, the Lifetime flick allowed Amber to embrace a character much different than the one who catapulted her to fame on Glee.

“I feel like we all have that dark side,” the actress explained during E! News’ Daily Pop on Wednesday, Feb. 2. “I feel like, you know, we go through our lives and we kind of try to make sure that we are being presentable, but in this movie, I just kind of got to let loose. Like, let it all hang out.”

Another reason Amber was eager to take on the role? She’s a fan of the original film, describing it as “a cult classic, for sure.” 

Don’t expect the two movies to be too similar, though. 

“Everybody’s looking for the stiletto to see if the stiletto thing happens,” Amber teased, “but there’s some better stuff in this film!” 

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