Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Keratin shampoos you must have to reduce frizz & add shine to your hair

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Check out these amazing shampoos at irresistible prices from the Amazon deal of the day!

More or less, your hairstyle defines your personality. They add up the unique quirk factor to your style and often people tend to remember a person with their hairstyle. While we do get worried about our hair health, what we do about it is often nothing! Just standing in front of the mirror and crying over your hair fall or dull hair look is not going to help. The more you colour, flat iron, blow-dry, and heat style your hair, the more likely you are to have areas of damage running along your cuticle. Here’s where keratin protein comes to help. Keratin is the structural building block of hair. Using keratin fortified shampoos will nourish your hair and make it glossier. In today’s Amazon deal of the day, we have curated the 7 best keratin-infused shampoos to improve your hair health.

Here are 7 keratin shampoos from Amazon deal of the day

These powerful shampoos are all that you need to boost shine, repair damage, and keep frizz at bay.

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

This hair smoothening shampoo will help your hair restore its keratin leaving them visibly straight and smoother. This nourishing shampoo can control frizz for as long as up to 3 days. The unique combination of keratin and argan oil conditions strengthens your hair and provides them hydration and elasticity. Its lower sulfate formulation and patented micro-moisture technology smoothen and protect dry hair from damage. 


Price: Rs 865

Deal: Rs 660

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2. The Skin Story Sulfate Free Keratin Shampoo

Not self-boosting but this is the secret of my bouncy and lively hair. It deeply cleanses your hair without stripping the natural oils of your scalp and has a mild fragrance that will become your signature hair scent. It gently cleanses and reconstructs damaged hair by replenishing natural keratin levels, while strengthening and sealing the cuticle.


Price: Rs 699

Deal: Rs 649

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3. Rice Water Shampoo 

If you have weak roots and damaged, frizzy and breakage-prone hair, this keratin shampoo can help you combat all those issues. With rice water, rice keratin protein and lavender essential oil, the shampoo helps to strengthen strands, stimulate weak roots, boost shine and calm an irritated scalp. It’s also rich in antioxidants that stimulate the scalp, calm irritation and refresh your hair and scalp.


Price: Rs 449

Deal: Rs 309

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4. Schwarzkopf Professional Smooth Shampoo

This delivers the best of both worlds for particularly delicate bleached strands. It helps restore flexibility, tame frizz, and detangle especially unruly and uncooperative strands. This keratin micellar shampoo contains lightweight oils that bring a natural shine to your hair without overburdening it and making it look greasy.


Price: Rs 900

Deal: Rs 810

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5. Beauty Garage Keratin Sulphate Free Shampoo

With a rich infusion of nourishing and cleansing elements, this moisturising sulphate-free shampoo provides a luxurious lather that leaves hair healthy, strong, vibrant and manageable. Thanks to its hydrolyzed keratin protein, the shampoo will help you tame unmanageable frizz and also strengthen your hair follicles.


Price: Rs 870

Deal: Rs 867

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6. Keratin Professional shampoo

Dull, limp, thin, and lifeless hair is always a turn-off! This hair cleansing, clarifying, and repairing shampoo comes with activated charcoal and hydrolyzed keratin protein removes scalp buildup caused by dead cells and chemical-laden hair styling products and makes hair shinier and smoother.


Price: Rs 2450

Deal: Rs 1269

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7. Global Keratin Moisturising Shampoo

Plant-based proteins and fruit-derived oils team up to nourish your hair with this moisturising shampoo. Crafted from natural plant extracts and the signature keratin blend, the shampoo contains all things good. It helps enhance the longevity of hair treatments like hair taming and smoothening, retaining the effects longer and keeping the hair looking naturally beautiful for prolonged periods.


Price: Rs 1950

Deal: Rs 1560

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Grab these premium and useful keratin shampoos right away as you can shop for them at deal prices only till the Amazon deal of the day ends. The offers on the products will help you save big! Give your hair the desired bounce and lively look with keratin-infused shampoos that will only help you nourish your hair.

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