All the Best McTerrier Theories on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7

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First it came for bananas. Then it came for eggs. And now I regret to inform you that The Masked Singer is coming for dogs. Correct: this unhinged show is returning to haunt us for a seventh season, and they’re introducing something extremely cute and concerning called McTerrier, which appears to be a giant stuffed dog inexplicably dressed in a kilt. Questions? Concerns? Suddenly worried your dog is plotting against you? Here’s what we know about McTerrier, and more specifically who might be lurking underneath that skirt.

The Clues

McTerrier will be performing during week one of The Masked Singer, where we’ll presumably get some formal clue packages. For now, we’ll have to make do with this teaser reposted to a fan account, which describes McTerrier as being from “the highlands of Scotland” and “ready to raise to woof.”

Some other things to note?

  • We see McTerrier with a band, implying that he’s part of the Scottish music scene.
  • McTerrier plays the drums, and now I’m very concerned that Travis Barker is secretly Scottish and was conned by Kris Jenner into joining this show.
  • McTerrier sings everything from “loch & roll” to “arf & b” (heh).
  • McTerrier makes a “Best in Show” reference, which could be a reference to dog shows in general, or could be a clue that he was in the movie.
  • His family tartan dates back to 1304, and we get some references to his ancestors, so clearly his Scottish roots are strong.
  • The first official clue of the season is a blue electric guitar with a union jack sticker on it.

    The Theories

    So far, there are a couple prominent (but likely incorrect, just saying!) theories floating around the internet. Including that McTerrier is none other than…

    YouTuber Jacksepticeye

    2019 vidcon

    Jerod HarrisGetty Images

    While several of the clues make sense (the flag on the guitar is a literal Union Jack, etc), one thing that doesn’t add up? Jacksepticeye (real name Seán William McLoughlin) is from Ireland. And McTerrier already told us he’s from “the highlands of Scotland.” Which brings us to…

    Lewis Capaldi

    62nd annual grammy awards  arrivals

    Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

    Some fans on Instagram are guessing that McTerrirer is Scottish singer-songwriter and musician Lewis Capaldi, but while he does play the drums, Lewis is more known for the whole aforementioned singing and song-writing thing. So why would he make drums such a big part of his intro package instead?

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    Which brings us to…

    Drew McIntyre

    mtv emas 2021  studio

    Gareth Cattermole – MTVGetty Images

    Drew just happens to be a Scottish professional wrestler who some fans seem to think could be lurking inside McTerrier, but who knows how all the music clues fit into the picture. Other than the fact that Drew’s ~theme~ is kinda drum and guitar heavy? Sorry in advance:

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    Hmmmm. I, for one, am not convinced any of these gentlemen have been shoved inside that dog costume, but stay tuned because we will be updating this with more theories once The Masked Singer’s premiere episode drops on March 9 (and we’ll be updating the season’s celeb reveals over this way).

    And for those of you who are wondering if McTerrier could be Rudy Giuliani, chances are he’s on Team Bad not Team Cuddly, so it seems pretty doubtful at this point. Oh, and for those others of you who are wondering why Rudy was brought up randomly whilst discussing The Masked Singer, go ahead and head below because you are in for a somewhat alarming and controversial surprise.

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