Addicted to Marriage: Has Monette’s BF Lost the “Spark”?

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Monette may be Addicted to Marriagebut she’s sure not addicted to love. 

The star of TLC‘s hit reality series confronts her boyfriend John about the lull in their two-year romance. For the record, Monette knows a thing or two about forever loves: She’s been married 11 times

“Tonight at John’s birthday dinner, I have a lot of things weighing on my heart and on my mind,” Monette explains in an exclusive sneak peek at the new episode, airing Tuesday, Nov. 30. “And I need to share that with him because if I don’t, I feel like we will never make it.” 

Over their meal, Monette explains to John why she feels like they’re at a breaking point.

“I really haven’t known where we stand in this relationship,” Monette says through tears. “At the beginning, you just adored me. You looked at me like the sun rose and set with me. And you couldn’t get enough of me.”

Now, things have changed: “Lately, it’s felt like a burden that I’m there. There’s not a spark anymore, there’s not the relationship,” Monette continues. “I miss you. I’m a very physical person.”

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