Acid League Saffron Gold Secret Sauce Review

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It’s usually right around this time of year that I get stuck in a cooking rut, waiting for fresh spring produce and dreaming of easy summer meals. So, when I heard our editor, Danielle, raving about Acid League — a small and funky living vinegar brand — I jumped to buy some for myself. These condiment innovators are exploring fermentation with their complex array of pantry staples. It was just what I needed to spice up my dinner routine.

Scrolling through Acid League‘s vast selection of colorful fermentations, it’s impossible to choose just a few. With options like Liquid Kimchi, Passion Fruit Oolong, or Danielle’s favorite, Garden Heat, my cart was full of fun, delicious-sounding sauces, vinegars, and tonics in no time. While I did order a whole box full of goodies, there was one item that has since become a go-to ingredient in my daily cooking. In fact, I’m about ready to order another bottle of Saffron Gold, the “secret sauce” that works as a vinegar, hot sauce, and flavor booster for virtually any meal.

In my household, we are big hot sauce fans. Since our bottle of Saffron Gold arrived, however, our go-to hot sauce has gone untouched. But let me be clear: This saffron-tinted sauce is not just a hot sauce. Sure, it has a kick due to the habanero and escabeche peppers in its ingredient list, but it’s the most complex and layered condiment I have in my kitchen. Saffron comes through as a silky, subtle touch amidst the funk of fermentation and the sharp, bright citrus base. Roasted garlic and a touch of honey balance it all out.

I’ve tossed roasted veggies in this sauce, used it on eggs atop avocado toast, added it into a dip for chicken wings, and incorporated it into salad vinaigrettes. Recently, I also used it in a buttery emulsion to make Fish en Papillote. This stuff has endless uses. It has become my go-to condiment not only because it works as a sauce in and of itself, but also because it easily replaces apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar in so many dishes. Saffron Gold has already enlivened my go-to recipes and made my meals more colorful.

Luckily, if I ever run out of ideas, I can turn to Acid League’s recipe library for even more ways to use the sauce. While I really can’t say enough about this versatile staple, I encourage you to try it out for yourself. While you’re at it, you might just find another one of Acid League’s special creations to fall in love with.

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