Abacaxi Brand Founder On New Clothing Line & Designs

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One thing becomes very clear when speaking with Sood – she takes quality textile and fabric creation seriously. She employs practices like weaving, beading, and embroidery in creating and producing her designs. In addition to traditional practices, Sood also honors her own intuition and the planet throughout all phases of the Abacaxí process. From the organic, regenerative cotton farm she utilizes in India to the vibrant and sustainable plant dyeing techniques, details are carefully and consciously considered. Sood is all about creating a quality product that’ll last, and one that you’d want to wear forever too.  “I think when you wear [clothing] –even if it’s like a casual dress or something that you might wear all the time– when it’s handmade, when the fabric is moving, or maybe it has like some little detail, it really it does feel different,” she says.

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