9 Best Hair Straightener Reviews (2021)

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If you want to give your locks a smooth and straight look at home, you would need the right tool, curling iron, or hair straightening brush. Blow dryers/hair dryers and other hair tools have proven to be somewhat helpful. However, nothing can provide you with incredibly smooth hair like a flat iron. 

This heating tool comes in pretty handy when you want to change your looks and give your tresses a treat at home. Whether you have thick hair, thin hair, wavy hair, or naturally curly hair, the best flat iron can provide you with that sleek, straight, and shiny hair that you desire. To make your shopping process much easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 9 best hair straighteners on the market. Read on to see our top recommendations and ultimate buyer’s guide. 

Here Are the Best Hair Straighteners:

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1. HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron – Top-Rated Flat Iron

  • STRAIGHTENS, FLIPS & CURLS: The HSI Professional Glider creates dramatic results on even the frizziest coarsest hair; to quickly straighten, flip, and…
  • MICRO SENSORS PREVENT FUTURE HAIR DAMAGE: High quality ceramic plates use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature & evenly distribute…
  • CERAMIC & CRYSTALS TO CREATE SILKY RESULTS: The Glider’s plates are designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates to create a shinier,…

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We had to make this the first of our hair straightener reviews. The HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the best hair straighteners on the market, and it comes with amazing features that will leave your hair extremely straight and sleek. This is a very popular flat iron that delivers incredible results.

It is also one of the most affordable flat irons on the market. The iron quickly smoothens your locks, regardless of the type of hair you have. It offers a wide range of heat options, from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to choose the best heat range that is ideal for your hair. 

It is a dual-voltage flat iron, which means you no longer have to leave your straightener at home whenever you are traveling. With this flat iron, you can get amazing results even on the frizziest coarsest mane. The product also comes with 8 HeatBalance micro-sensor that help to regulate the temperature and distribute the heat evenly; this prevents possible damage. 

It is also made with tourmaline crystal ion and ceramic to provide you with a silkier, shinier finish in less time. The package comes with a glove, pouch, and travel-size argan oil hair treatment to boost the shine and softness of your hair. The width of the plate is 1-inch and it is wide enough for any hair length, while still being narrow for bangs. It comes with a guide as well as a 1-year warranty. 

It also features a great design that makes it very easy to handle. It fits perfectly in the hand and you can use it for an extended period, thanks to its lightweight build. This tool takes less time to straighten your locks.


  • Material: Ceramic and Tourmaline
  • Temperature: 140 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 1 pound


  • It evenly distributes heat
  • High-quality and lightweight design
  • Micro-sensors to prevent damage
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • Heat might be too high in some conditions


2. Remington S5500 1-in Anti-Static Flat Iron

  • Anti-static technology – The technology in this flat iron delivers 50% LESS static and fewer flyaway
  • 1″ Long Ceramic plates – The long, thin plates are perfect for detailed styling and control, with a smooth glide that’s comfortable for straightening…
  • 2x more Tourmaline – Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone that, when heated, aids in reducing static and frizz while styling.

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The Remington S5500TA Anti-Static Flat Iron is another great straightener that can be a great addition to your collection of hairstyling tools. This tool features a simple design that delivers impressive performance. If you are looking for a very effective flat iron that will not leave a hole in your pocket, this is one of the best options to consider. 

This flat iron heats up very fast, with a heat-up time of 30 seconds. It has six different heat settings, and this gives you full control over the heat range. This flat iron comes with a tangle-free fabric, swivel cord that allows you to straighten your hair from any angle. It is highly flexible and you do not have to worry about the cord getting tangled. 

This styling iron also comes with a digital display that allows you to find the right temperature with ease. It also shuts off by itself after 60 minutes of not being in use. This is a very useful safety feature that helps to save energy and protects you and your property. The styling tool is just one-inch wide, this means you can style your hair very close to the root without fears of burning your skin. 

It comes with 30 percent longer ceramic plates for less damage and quicker styling. For faster heat up and styling, this model comes with a titanium protection coating.


  • Material: Ceramic and Titanium 
  • Temperature: 310 – 410 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Heat-Up Time: 30 Seconds
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces


  • Super lightweight 
  • Very easy to use
  • Six heat settings to choose from
  • Heats up quickly and delivers quicker styling


3. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron, Black

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Next up is the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1-1/4” Straightening Iron and it made it to our roundup because of its great features. CHI is one of the best brands in the hair styling industry, and this styling iron from this brand is one of the best it has ever made. It comes with many amazing features that will leave you with a silky smooth and straight hair. With this styling implement, you no longer have to worry about frizzy hair.

It comes with a titanium-infused ceramic plate design that provides you with long-lasting, stronger ceramic plates. The tool also delivers faster and smoother straightening. It comes with a high-quality, durable casing that fits perfectly into the hand. The casing also remains cool when the plates are hot, with easily accessible controls to prevent accidental presses. The ceramic and titanium plate blend makes it more durable.

With the visual temperature display, you will be able to see and select the exact temperature you want. This tool does not only display the temperature but it also color-codes the display. The color-coding helps you to know the hair type the temperature range is intended for. 

The blue light is for fragile or fine hair (0 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit), green is for medium or wavy hair (370 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit), and red is for resistant or coarse hair (400 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit). These are pre-set temperatures that come in pretty handy, but the tool also allows you to set your own. 


  • Material: Ceramic and Titanium 
  • Temperature: 180 – 425 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Heat-Up Time: 40 Seconds
  • Weight: 15.87 Ounces


  • Highly durable, smooth plates
  • Shuts off automatically when not in use
  • Heats up pretty quickly
  • Preset temperatures 


4. LumaBella 1″ Keratin Dual Touch Hair Styler

  • 1″ ceramic plates infused with keratin micro-conditioners for a healthy shine
  • Heat sensor detects excessive heat and adjusts to your hair
  • Keratin micro-conditioners leave no oily residue and last the life of the styler

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If you are looking for the best straightening iron that you can use daily, we recommend you go for the LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Styler. With smart heat sensor design and keratin-infused ceramic plates, this is undoubtedly one of the best regular hair straighteners out there. This unit has five different heat settings, and it comes with many great features that reduce the chances of damaged hair. Here are more of the best flat irons for damaged hair.

The top ceramic plate has an integrated strip that detects when your hair is overheating. It produces negative ions that lock moisture and condition your hair. If it is overheating, it would adjust the temperature automatically to ensure you get optimum styling with less damage. It also comes with a Turbo Boost setting that allows you to straighten more stubborn areas of your hair with ease. This feature increases the heat and makes it suitable for the area you want to straighten. 

The unique design of this gadget transfers keratin micro-conditioners to your hair evenly while styling, and this leaves your hair healthier and shinier. With the Dual Touch Hair Styler, you can experience smart damage control while getting your hair extremely smooth and straight. With the five heat settings, you can choose a temperature range from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It also comes with a 1-inch ceramic floating heating plate that enables optimum, flexible grip on the hair, regardless of how you angle or mold the tool. It is also super lightweight, and you will not experience hand fatigue while holding it.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Temperature: 300 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Heat-Up Time: 30 seconds
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces


  • Keratin-infused plates
  • Integrated sensor to prevent hair damage
  • Safe and very easy to use
  • Turbo boost for stubborn hair


  • May catch more tangled hair



If you are looking for the best flat iron hair straightener for longhairs, the KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron is the right styling aid for you. This is a highly veritable and plush flat iron, and its durability is exceptional. This flat iron is great for particularly long hair because it has a pretty wide plate design. It comes with floating plates that are 1-3/4 inches wide. The plates are designed to provide you with a tighter hold, larger surface area, and consistent temperature and heat distribution. 

The wide floating plates are also great for curly hair wavy hair and thick hair — which makes it one of the best flat irons for African-American hair.. This flat iron also features a wide heat range, with consistent heat between 170 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a digital LCD screen that displays the exact temperature of the tool. Thanks to its dual voltage design, you can travel all over the world with this tool. It also comes with a stylish drawstring travel pouch for easy storage and packaging. 

It comes with an automatic shutoff feature that shuts off the tool after 60 minutes of idleness. The plates of this tool underwent precision melding, and this provides you with a snag-free styling as it allows hair to pass through effortlessly. It also comes with an 8-foot, non-tangle heavy-duty swivel cord for ease of use. 


  • Material: Titanium
  • Temperature: 170 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


  • Can be used with any voltage across the globe
  • Wider plates for more control and reach
  • Wide temperature range 
  • Long, non-tangle cord for ease 


6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1″ Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a slim design that helps eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility….
  • High heat levels provide excellent straightening results while Nano Titanium technology protects hair from damage.Heat-resistant ryton housing
  • Use this Nano Titanium flat iron to smooth & straighten hair. Can also be used to create loose, beachy waves.

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Next on the line is the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron which has also made it to our list of the best ceramic flat irons. If you are shorthaired, one of the most vital things you need to look for in a flat iron is the size. Thick hair straighteners get the job done much faster, but they are pretty difficult to use with short hair. With this mini flat iron, you can straighten short hair with ease and even get to the roots of the hair without burning the scalp.

This is also one of the most versatile flat irons on our list, as it comes with 50 different heat settings that reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With such a wide range, you can pick the perfect temperature for your preferred styling. 

It features a simple and lightweight design that makes it very easy to use. With the exceptional lightweight nature of this tool, you can use it to work all day without any issues. It comes with extended 5 inches long plates that allow for wider sections to be straightened. The Nano-Titanium technology is there to protect your hair from damage while the high heat levels provide great straightening results. 

You can also use this to create loose, beachy waves. It is highly durable and it increases styling flexibility. However, this highly efficient flat iron does not come cheap; it is one of the most expensive on our list but it is worth the price. 


  • Material: Nano-Titanium
  • Temperature: 50 heat settings to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Weight: 16 ounces


  • 50 heat settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Super lightweight and slim design
  • Ceramic heater instant heat and recovery
  • Delivers outstanding results in less time


  • It is expensive, but worth the investment


7. HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Ceramic Digital Flat Iron, 1 inch

  • 1 inch Micro-Shine Ceramic Plates – For ultra-sleek, long-lasting results
  • LCD Digital Temperature Display
  • High heat up to 450 Degrees – For all hair types, thin to coarse

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The HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ceramic Digital Flat Iron is another great flat iron that is ideal for straightening different hair types. Many hairstylists love this gadget because of its wide plates that allow for more jobs to be done in less time. It is available in two different plate widths – one-inch and 1.5 inches. The wider plates allow you to work on larger sections of the hair at once. 

This is ideal for different types of hairs, and it can make even the frizziest hair look smooth and shiny. The ceramic technology of this unit also helps to deliver ultra-sleek and long-lasting results. It comes with an LCD screen that displays the temperature of the tool. The controls are also very easy to access, and this makes the styling aid very easy to use. 

Being a great tool for all hair types, from thin to coarse, it heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a Pulse technology that gets it hot quickly and keeps it hot also. The unit shuts off after 120 minutes of being idle. It also has a dual voltage feature that allows you to use it anywhere in the world. This flat iron is also relatively cheap, and it is made with high-quality materials.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Temperature: Up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Heat-Up Time: 30 Seconds
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds


  • Maintains consistent temperature on styling surface
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Temperatures are very easy to set and read
  • Universal dual voltage


8. xtava Pro Satin Infrared Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates


  • The Xtava Pro Satin Infrared flat iron tames frizzy hair minus the damage, leaving hair shiny and smooth. Its 2-inch wide, ceramic tourmaline floating…
  • Has 10 temperature settings on an LCD digital display ranging from 265°F – 445°F. Choose between 265°F – 300°F for fine delicate hair, 300°F -…
  • Extra wide, 2-inch bottom floating plates plus upper dual-plate technology maintain even heating for quick styling. With a heat resistant travel case…

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If you are looking for a professional hair straightener that you can use to get more work done in less time, then the Xtava Professional Infrared Hair straightener is what you need. This unit comes with 2 inches wide ceramic tourmaline plates that glide through even the coarsest locks, providing you with glossy and shiny results. 

A ceramic hair straightener is more preferable to even the best titanium flat irons when you have a coarse, natural, or kinky-curly hair. This is because ceramic distributes the hair more evenly. This tool flexes with your hair for enhanced grip, thanks to its floating plates. It comes with an 8-foot long power cord that makes it very easy to use and maneuver. 

This unit features 10 different heat settings, with heat range from 256 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit in just 90 seconds. It also comes with an auto shut off feature that shuts the unit off after one hour of use. The heat range is ideal for fine or normal hair, thick hair, or coarse strands. 

The Infrared technology of this iron is one of its most outstanding features, as it allows the heat to penetrate the whole strand, not just the outer layer. It also has a digital display to help you keep track of the temperature. This tool comes with a two-year warranty, and this gives you the extra confidence you need when buying it.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Temperature: 256 – 445 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Weight: 2 pounds


  • Strong and highly dependable
  • Digital display to keep track of the temperature
  • Infrared technology 
  • Wide plates for faster travels


9. Remington 8500 Shine Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Auto dual voltage 110v – 220v
  • European plug. USA/Canada plug adapter included.

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The last on our list is the Remington 8500 and it is one of the most functional flat irons on the market today. Remington is such a great brand, and its hair straighteners have made it to quite a few of our roundups, like this one for the best flat iron for fine hair. With this flat iron model, you can calm and straighten even the frizziest strands. It features an inbuilt conditioner that nourishes your hair with avocado and other great ingredients to minimize potential damage and up your mane’s shine factor. 

You can glide the iron through your locks without tugging or snagging, thanks to its ceramic plates. The heat-up time of this tool is just 30 seconds, which means you can get to work almost immediately after putting it on. There is also an automatic shut off feature that shuts it off after one hour of idleness. 

Get this if you’re not on a tight budget, as it is quite high-end. The width of the ceramic floating plate is 1-inch and the unit heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The anti-frizz technology made this unit stand out from several others on the market. This ceramic heater is also designed to serve you for years.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Temperature: Up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds


  • Turbo boost for tougher areas
  • Anti-frizz technology 
  • Heats up quickly
  • Safe and very easy to use


  • Need to be careful as it pulls hair


Important Considerations When Buying a Hair Straightener

Temperature Range

The temperature is one of the most important things you need to consider. The wider the temperature range, the better. If you have a very wide temperature to work with, you will be able to handle different hair types and hair texture.

With the adjustable temperature, you can choose a temperature that is ideal for the health and condition of your hair. For instance, fine hair cannot handle much heat while curly hair can handle a lot of heat.


You also need to consider the material used to make the plate. This is very important, as the material would determine how heat is distributed. Some of the best materials used to make hair straighteners are ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and nano titanium. These materials deliver great results, but some of them deliver better results in some areas and types of hair than others do. 


You should go for a flat iron that comes with additional, advanced technology to make your job easier. Additional features to prevent damage and breakage could make your styling aid much safer. This is very important if you plan to use it every day. 

Ease of Use and Accessibility

You want to make sure the iron you choose is very easy to use. The controls should be very easy to access and use. It should also come with a display screen to enable you to keep track of the temperature. The tool should be lightweight and it should fit pretty well in the hand. 


Regardless of the type of hair you have, the best straightening iron can provide you with a super-smooth, straight hair. We hope you are able to find the right flat iron that is perfect for you. If we were to point you to just one product, it would be the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron because of its great temperature range, ease of use, durability, and safety features. 


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