8 Best Bottega Veneta Bags of 2022: Cassette, Pouch & More

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In the domino effect of life, we fall into one of two camps: the influencer and the influenced. And when it comes to Bottega Veneta bags, we all find ourselves firmly situated in the latter—rightly so. The Italian brand’s luxury leather bags, ranging from cloud-like pouches to hold-all totes, are a fashion-favorite for their minimalist design, cool color palette, and classic aesthetic. But how exactly did this heritage brand suddenly become a coveted status-symbol for “it” girls everywhere?  

Two words: Daniel Lee. The creative director’s arrival at Bottega Veneta in 2018 shifted the brand’s perspective, refocusing it on a new audience that craves a timeless capsule wardrobe, anchored by the fashion house’s signature Interecciato weave. Exhibited in the classic cassette, the new Bottega Veneta embraces Italian refinement; an approach that makes the brand stand out in comparison to the more outré fashion contemporaries—remember it’s pronounced Versach-eh.

If you truly want to understand the attraction to Bottega Veneta bags, you’ll have to see them for yourself. Ahead, we’ve hand-picked eight need-to-know silhouettes so you can do exactly as the it-girls do.

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