7 Winter Cargo Pants Outfits We’ll Be Wearing All Season

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If you were to ask me for the one thing I’m wearing above all else this winter, that would be pretty easy to answer. It’s cargo pants. I’m not exactly sure when this extreme obsession crept into my brain— all I know is that my recent Google searches contain “cargo pants” with various conjoining adjectives too numerous to count. After buying a few pairs from Zara, they’ve slowly replaced my other pairs of pants—jeans and trousers included. I’ve worn them with everything from tailored button-downs and heels, to cropped sweaters and sneakers, so the versatility sort of speaks for itself. 

It seems that I’m not the only one strongly into cargo pants these days: I’ve noticed them popping up in numbers worn by some of my favorite fashion figures on social media. The Attico’s version of the trend is arguably the most popular among insiders, but thankfully less expensive takes are hitting the market too. Now that I’ve properly waxed poetic on my go-to piece of the season, get ready for 7 cool ways insiders are wearing the IT staple right now. 

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