5 Makeup tricks you need to know to make your face look slimmer

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I have always considered makeup as art, art that can change your life. It holds the power to transform your outlook instantly. Truth be told, most of us ladies are not satisfied with the way we look even if they are gorgeous. There are some days when we don’t feel our best wishing we were slimmer. And this is where makeup comes in. While there are a variety of makeup techniques, wouldn’t you like it if it transformed your face?

That’s right. You need to know how to properly apply makeup that can visually sculpt your face. It can add definition to your face and easily create an illusion to make your face slimmer and sleeker. But before applying makeup, you need to hydrate your face. Include cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising into your skincare routine. And then let’s start.

Concentrate on the eyes

Make your eyes pop while opting for a shimmery shade. Emphasising your eyes will take away the attention from your face. Opt for three colours- light shimmer at the corner, muted brown in the middle and a darker shimmer at the end. Apply kohl on the water line or you could also go for a cat-eye.

Cover up the dark circles


The utmost requirement of every girl is to cover up the dark circles while putting on makeup. Dark circles tend to widen your face. Level with a foundation and a lighter tone concealer because they can accentuate your look instantly.

Contour right and Highlight


Although contouring is the key to a slimmer face, applying it correctly is also important. It can easily camouflage your natural features. Focus on your jawline, cheekbones, nose and your temples. The higher the contour shade, the higher your cheekbones will appear. Also,   highlight your T-zone and your brows.

Create the right eyebrow shape


Round eyebrows or straight ones won’t give you a slimmer face. So first fill your brows heavily without making it look too artificial, and create an arched shape that compliments your face.


Opt for pink or orange shades for a natural look but don’t limit it to the apple of your cheeks. Instead, elongate it to the temples so that it uplifts your face.

Lastly, you don’t want to go with bold lip colours as they do nothing to tone down your face. Opt for neutral tones or a tinted lip gloss that will accentuate your makeup.

Try these tricks and let us know if these worked for you.

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