5 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

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I grew up in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, surrounded by winemakers and lovers who taught me everything I know about vino. The area is home to more than 700 wineries, some of which are owned by my lifelong family friends. So if you’re gift shopping for an amateur sommelier this holiday season, you’ve come to the right gal. 

There are so many wine services and accessories on the market that can help introduce wine lovers to new favorites and make a huge difference in their sipping experience. As an outsider, or even as an experienced wine drinker, it can be difficult to distinguish between what’s legit and what’s a gimmick. So we’ve made your choices easy by rounding up five of the best gifts for viticulture enthusiasts. Whether they’re a Zinfandel zealot or a Rosé all day kind of person, any of these wine-related gifts are sure to please. The best present of all is your presence at their table, but these gifts will really elevate the flavors, presentation, and discovery process, whether you’re there to partake or not. 

Olivia Bowman

Commerce Editorial Intern

Olivia is an editorial intern on the commerce team at Apartment Therapy. When she’s not writing, she’s probably re-watching The West Wing, reading her horoscope, or researching skincare products. She is a proud University of Oregon alumna and firmly believes that seltzer water is part of a balanced diet.

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