40 TV Teens Ranked By How Long They’d Last In “Yellowjackets” Wilderness

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Many questions continue to swirl around Yellowjackets in the wake of its teasing season finale. How many survivors are there? Where did Javi go? Did Lottie kill Travis? All of these questions are compelling — and certainly worth asking! — but it’s possible the most crucial question of all has been lost in the discourse. We’re bravely doing our part to change that by asking: Which random fictional TV characters would survive if dropped into the Yellowjackets wilderness? 

From Rory Gilmore to Cassie Howard to the Fresh Prince himself, we’ve gleaned every possible clue from Season 1 to determine which of these teens would get their face mauled by a wolf, which would freeze to death in the snow, and of course, which would rise the ranks to become the cannibalistic cult leader hailed Antler Queen. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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