4 Ways to Style the Same Little Black Dress

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Between the four of us Who What Wear editors, we’ve seen (and owned and tried) a lot of little black dresses in our day. And as you’re probably aware, not all are created equal. Far from it. And for the most part, there’s only one way to wear them. But that’s not the case for the subject of this particular try-on story.

One of the most recent arrivals for our clothing line, Who What Wear Collection, is a black knit dress coined the Bri Dress. Unlike other multi-way fashion items, it’s quite simple to reconfigure. The turtleneck collar and bottom panel on the long-sleeve dress are detachable, which means that you can wear it as a minidress, a turtleneck minidress, a midi dress, or a turtleneck midi dress, just by fastening or unfastening a few buttons. When the buttons are fastened, the effect is a cool peekaboo look, and when they’re unfastened, the effect is a modern scalloped edge. We’re fans of both.

Now for the good part: how it looks IRL. Your friendly models (aka editors) are Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Eliza Huber, Shawna Hudson, and Allyson Payer (that’s me). We each tried the dress in each of the four ways to wear it, and by the end of our experiment, it’s safe to say that we’re all obsessed with it.

Scroll to see how the Bri Dress looks, and shop it for yourself.

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