30 Best Hair Care Products of 2022, According to ‘Vogue’ Editors

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Fine or thick, straight or curly, color-treated or mature, there is thankfully a vast marketplace of the best hair care products to leave any hair type with a good hair day. It’s time to put your best mane forward!

Vogue editors know firsthand the power of a mood-boosting, confidence-evoking hairdo that leaves you ready to take on the day. Whether it’s that hair dryer that delivers a frizz-free blowout, those braids that make summertime hair care easy, or the thickening treatment that adds volume and fullness, discovering the right products for you makes all the difference. Like most other beauty topics, hair maintenance is insanely personal.

Alas, we tapped 15 editors to detail their holy-grail hair-care products. Read on to discover our must-haves and perhaps a new edition to your regimen.

Chioma Nnadi, Editor of Vogue.com 

Hair type: My hair is curly and dense, with tightly wound curls that give quite a bit of volume. It tends dry and requires a lot of moisturizing to prevent breakage.

I live for a good curl cream since I wear my natural curls most of the time if my hair isn’t in braids. My hair tends to get very dry, especially at the ends, so I’m always on the hunt for products that moisturize quickly and effectively. Lately, I’ve also been on a quest to eliminate synthetic fragrances from my beauty routine, which is surprisingly hard when it comes to hair products. I recently discovered this brand called 2 Girls With Curls. It was founded by two friends who met while working at Whole Foods. All the product is made in small batches without toxins, synthetic fragrances, or chemicals. The hair lotion and styling cream both smell divine and are all naturally scented—I’m going to try their conditioners next. I also like Ouai’s fragrance-free curl cream formula. It’s light enough to use on a daily basis while still getting the job done.

2 Girls with Curls Styling Bundle, Hair Lotion and Styling Cream

Ouai Curl Crème Fragrance Free

Clarissa Schmidt, Commerce Producer

Hair type: My hair is thin, straight with a subtle wave.

Over the years, my natural waves have fallen and thinned quite quickly, so I’m left with straight hair that swings on the thin, finer end of the spectrum. I’ve put many products to the test in hopes that I achieve a fuller, thicker head, and Living Proof’s Full shampoo has never led me astray. I love the way my hair feels, smells, and looks after every shower—I receive compliments nearly every time I rush out the door! For finishing touches, I swear by my favorite ceramic brush for a quick at-home blowout, and when I need to just toss it up at the end of the day, I’m always reaching for a damage-free silk scrunchie from Intimissimi. Crease and frizz, be gone!

Living Proof Full Shampoo

Osensia Professional Ceramic Round Brush

Intimissimi Silk Scrunchie Hair Elastic

Lauren Valenti, Senior Beauty Editor

Hair type: I have a thick, dirty blonde mane of 3B curls that are color-treated and must be handled with care.

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