27 Best Turkey Leftover Recipes – Easy Ways to Use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

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On the day after Thanksgiving, do you find yourself wondering what in the world you’re going to do with all of that leftover turkey? You’re not alone. There’s the requisite turkey and cranberry sandwich, and perhaps a pot of soup. But for some of us, that barely puts a dent into all the turkey leftovers.

The good news is that there are so many tasty ways to repurpose that turkey without eating the same leftovers for days on end — it just takes a little inspiration and creativity, and that’s where we come in. My go-to strategy is to treat the turkey like chicken (they do have similar flavor profiles, after all). With the option to use turkey when a recipe calls for cooked chicken, the possibilities now feel limitless. So this year, get creative and have some fun with those leftovers. Here are 27 leftover turkey recipes for inspiration.

Nicole Rufus

Assistant Food Editor

Nicole is the Assistant Food Editor at Kitchn. She writes about recipes as well as developing some of her own. You can usually find her playing around in the kitchen or online “window” shopping. She currently resides in Brooklyn and is getting her master’s in Food Studies.

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