25 Times Famous Chefs Gave Terrible Cooking Advice

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“I disagree with Alton Brown’s ‘no unitaskers‘ rule. There are certainly some ridiculous ones out there, but there are also extremely useful unitaskers that absolutely deserve a place in my kitchen.”


“There was an episode of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” where he dissed pastry bags as ‘unitaskers’ (according to Alton, a unitasker is a piece of kitchen equipment that has only one job and therefore isn’t worth the space in your kitchen). For those who don’t know, pastry bags are what professional bakers use to apply frosting to a cake, quickly fill cake layers and tarts, deposit cream puff/eclair/macaron batter onto a tray, etc. They are extremely handy in the kitchen, inexpensive, and don’t take much space! 

Instead of a pastry bag, he suggests you use a zip-top bag with a hole cut out one of the corners. The problem is, zip-top bags are messy and difficult to use like this, not to mention they’re prone to rip and burst like crazy (pastry bags are designed to withstand lots of pressure). You also can’t use cake decorating tips in a zip-top bag. If you’re going to do some serious baking, get some pastry bags!”


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