23 Fashion and Beauty Items That Went TikTok Viral in 2021

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It’s no secret that in the past few years, TikTok has blown up as the top social media app to go-to for discovering trends and simply finding enjoyable content. I hate to admit it, but the app has even affected the way I speak. (If you visit the Who What Wear offices, you’ll hear various TikTok sounds being used casually in conversation.)

It’s also drastically changed the way people shop, with the algorithm giving everybody—not just those with a large amount of followers—a space on the For You Page to share their product recommendations. Stores have even started to put together TikTok sections so customers can find viral products easily when shopping.

The power of the app is real, and there are many product gems that have made it to the app this year. Some we already love here at Who What Wear and they ended up quickly making it to the masses, and some were even new and intrigued us editors just the same. Hundreds of products have gone viral on TikTok’s algorithm in 2021, but below, I rounded up the 25 that are worth the hype. 

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