21 Best Sweaters for Women: Comfy Fall/Winter Knit Sweaters

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Come winter, few things can coax us out of our coziest pajamas to brace the freezing temperatures. Even if we know it’s a fleeting ordeal (just minutes of braving below-32° weather before defrosting over hot cappuccinos at our favorite café), it’s a commitment that requires some amount of fortitude and more importantly, the right apparel. Trekking through the great outdoors is a feat not to be taken lightly, and as tempting as it is to stay in your most-loved fleece and forgo plans, we have a solution that’s far simpler than hibernation, and dare we say, chicer, too. 

With the perfect sweater, anything is possible. Keep the cashmere close on bare skin for luxe warmth, or layer your Uniqlo Heatech under chunkier wool knits. Button up your coat, throw on an oversized Acne scarf-blanket, and know that wherever you go, you’ll be the right amount of cozy. Snug as a bug in a rug (and all that jazz): not too hot, never too cold.

With the perfect sweater, anything is possible and ahead are the very best of the season.

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