21 Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2022: Neutral & Colorful Eyeshadows

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The eyeshadow palettes in your makeup collection create a wardrobe for your eyes. Within them is a plethora of colors, textures, and finishes you can use to create a myriad of looks, depending on your mood and the occasion. That said, just like it’s important to stock your closet with both trendy and staple pieces, curating a stack of the best eyeshadow palettes on offer is essential.

To do so, you’ll need to pack your arsenal with options that span the color spectrum, feature long-lasting formulas, and offer a high color payoff so you can work smarter not harder. Whether you’re searching for a colorful palette, a neutral option, a small compact, or all of the above, we have you covered. Here, find an all-encompassing list of the best eyeshadow palettes that live up to the hype. 

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