20 Best Stranger Things Interview Moments So Far

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“I’m not a lollipop!” LOL.

There have been quite a few hit shows this year, but none have been as big as Stranger Things. The acting! The plot twists! The beloved new characters!

And IDK about you, but I have been OBSESSED with the cast’s interviews since the new season dropped. So, here are all my favorite moments so far this year:


When Joseph Quinn cried actual tears while a fan told him how much we all adore and appreciate him:


When Winona Ryder kissed David Harbour on the cheek — twice! — because he said some beautiful things about their friendship.


When the gang made fun of Gaten’s blooper dance.


And when Gaten revealed his wildest fan interaction.


When Joe Keery forgot how old Gaten was and immediately had an existential crisis.


And when Finn revealed Winona’s hilarious but adorable texting style.


When Millie told Noah not to force puppies into loving him, so he looked one in the eye and begged instead.


And can we just take a moment to appreciate how precious Joseph is? This man really stuck out his tongue so many times while focusing on trying to get a puppy’s attention 🥺.


When Charlie and Natalia Dyer gave us the cutest couple vibes during a game of Never Have I Ever.


And when Caleb talked about how close he and Gaten are:


When Joseph said what we’re all thinking.


When Gaten threatened to fart during a game of Dr. Quack Quack, LOL.


When Finn recalled his favorite behind-the-scenes memory of Season 4.


And finally, when Millie had the funniest reaction to some very spicy wings:

What’s your favorite Stranger Things interview moment so far this year? LMK in the comments below!

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