20 Best Jackets to Wear With Dresses: Layering Jackets Over Dresses

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At Editorialist, we’re always looking for easy outfit formulas that pack a punch without reinventing the wheel. At the heart of this quest is, of course, the dress. In the spring and summer, the convenient item reduces your getting-dressed routine to a single step; you can throw one on and run out the door without a second thought. When the colder months arrive, however, they require a bit more layering. 

The proverbial challenge is, how do we continue to wear dresses year-round without sacrificing warmth or style? The right jacket can make an outfit, but the wrong one can hide it or make it frumpy. Luckily, there are a plethora of jackets to wear with dresses on the market, each of which is poised to reinvent evergreen dressing as we know it. 

Between classic trench coats, puffers, and leather jackets, all of the outerwear options keep functionality and style in close view, ensuring that your next trans-seasonal ensemble is IG-worthy. Shop the best jackets to wear with dresses below.

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