18 Brow Fillers for Even the Sparsest Eyebrows

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One thing I always get complimented on is my eyebrows. I don’t mean to brag, but I know I have good brows—I’ve carefully sculpted them over the years to achieve fluffy, natural-looking brows (with a little help from Dani Vincent, brow whisperer and the magician who shapes and tints my eyebrows). 

When I’m in between brow appointments, my brows can start to look a little raggedy. I’ve tried many different products to try and make my brows look like I just got them done, but there’s one that always wins out. Brow fillers are the secret weapon to ultra-sculpted, “I woke up like this” brows that even Rihanna would be envious of (and we all know she has some of the best brows in the game). 

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