18 Best Designer Sneakers 2022: Celine, Balenciaga, & More

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Once upon a time, sneakers had no part in the high-fashion ecosystem. The trainer’s rightful, practical place was on the shelves at sporting goods stores. Ever since the rise of normcore fashion and designer sneaker collabs, however, trainers have moved to the fashion forefront. Today, even the most buttoned-up heritage brands are trying their hand at the everyday shoe. 

Of course, Editorialist has a few favorites—Chanel’s dad sneakers, which kickstarted the chunky sneaker trend, for starters. There are also Gucci’s ever-enduring tennis shoes, which are so good that Ariana Grande had to write a song about them. Whether you’re looking for a trendy pair or a pragmatic training shoe, our comprehensive list has a handful of styles for you. Explore ahead.

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