18 Best Date Night Boxes For Couples

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Explore at-home date night boxes for couples that’ll make your relationship happier, healthier, and a lot more fun. You’ll find here mystery and romantic date night box ideas to try and gift for any occasion as well as creative date night in boxes for married couples and new ones alike.

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Mystery & Romantic Date Night Boxes

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Having a unique and great date night at home can be as easy as ordering a creative romantic box for couples. There are hundreds of excellent quality date night boxes for couples that are filled with curious, creative, comforting, and purely romantic, sexy, and fun things.

No matter if you want to enjoy a fun, romantic, or relaxing date night you’ll easily find a box that’ll suit all your needs. You can even find new and creative boxes as well as fun new date night games for couples that’ll change your date nights forever.

Finding the perfect romantic box for couples can still be challenging. Mostly because the perfect romantic evening means something else to every couple and even means something different to the same couple depending on the stage of their relationship and mood.

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Date night boxes can also give you some truly brilliant date night ideas you can enjoy at home and still feel like you’re on one of the most special dates of your life.

We collected the best romantic boxes for couples, mystery date night boxes, one-time date night boxes, and of course the most amazing subscription date night boxes you can get delivered to your home every month.

18| Space-Themed Date Night Box – Destination: Space

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If you are looking for amazing date night ideas for nerdy couples, this is definitely a great option. We love date night boxes because they are everything in one and create a truly unique experience. Would you like to surprise your space lover partner with a memorable adventure?

Order this fantastic space exploration box. The cool gadgets and the imaginative story will make this the best date night ever. Having fun while exploring, no doubt, Destination: Space is one of the best date night games for couples. It’s also one of the best birthday or Valentine’s Day gift ideas for space lovers.

17| Our Ancient Odyssey Date Night Box Couples Board Game Night – Ancient Greece Themed Date Night

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Some of the best at-home date night ideas are just as entertaining as skill-developing. You don’t have to be an Ancient Greece fan to love this game, however, if you are into Homer’s epic poem, this is one of the best romantic date night boxes for you.

Laughter and joy is guaranteed while you test the other’s skills and knowledge. This game is definitely going to bring you two closer in no time. In our opinion, it is among the most entertaining date night box for lovers.

16| Gourmet Chocolate Fondu Date Night Box

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Evergreen at-home date night ideas are indulgent fondues, so these delicious date night boxes are most certainly going to be successful. You can set everything up in no time and get to dipping all sorts of delicious snacks and fruits.

If you prefer to surprise your loved one with chocolate-covered fruits, this set is also a great pick. You can go nuts and dip all sorts of nuts into black, white, or milk chocolate.

15| Pizza-Themed Date Night Box – I Love You More than Pizza

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Sometimes pizza means more than everyone’s favorite comfort food. If you are in search of unique, food-themed fun, and romantic date night boxes to create epic dates at home, you hit the jackpot.

The best couple games have more to offer than just fun, they can also help you better your relationship and get closer to each other. Even if you feel everything is alright with your relationship, it is important to work on it.

14| 90s-Themed Date Night Box – The Awkward Years

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Awkward is among the most hilarious two-player date night games, that help two people get closer to each other. It is important to open up to our partners, even if it means sharing awkward moments with them.

While it has a great effect on your relationship, the game also helps you see difficult moments in the past more positively. The best date night boxes are superb anniversary gifts as well, so feel free to surprise your friends. If you’ve been looking for romantic and fun game night ideas that are perfect for adults then you should go with this one.

13| Date Night Massage Box – Great Anniversary Gift

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Date night boxes can help you switch off and relax in the comfort of your home. With this couple’s care package you can both sit back and relax. Take a long, sensual bath or massage each other to help your love forget about the world outside.

These date nights can be fun games for couples, compete on who can pamper the other one better. You can combine this box with any other, after an activity nothing is better than tranquillity.

12| Pottery Date Night Box & Conversation Cards For Valentine’s Day & Beyond

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Picking up a new hobby together is certainly a great way to reconnect with your partner. Thanks to so many amazing crafty date night boxes on Etsy, you don’t even have to step out of your home. Have a fun pottery box delivered to your doorstep and let the fun begin.

With the conversation cards, it is among the best games for married couples that help you keep the spark alive. You can also add a painting kit and choose the color of the clay.

11| Relaxation At Home Date Night Box

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This at-home spa date night box is surely a great valentine’s day or anniversary gift. If you would like a beautiful day in, so you can relax and enjoy quiet in an intimate setting, this box is a great choice.

All the ingredients are natural and cruelty-free, while all of them are high-quality products. Before ordering you can choose from lavender or orange vanilla scents and add a personal touch too.

10| Winter Date In A Box

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Although the creators of this box recommend it for winter and New Year’s Eve, you can have a cozy night-in any time of the year. Even if it’s a warm summer day, sometimes it feels great to bring a little winter magic to your home.

It is especially among the best date night ideas if your other half loves everything winter-related. The box contains warming snacks and some really fun craft ideas.

9| Mystery Movie Night Date Night Box

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If you are way too busy to organize everything for the next date night, this helpful box is here to save it. You can order it with a recipe of your liking and a mystery film of your favorite genre.

We love and highly recommend it to those couples, who love to cook together, but only have time for something simple. Once the meal is done, sit down in front of the TV and enjoy your dinner together. You are going to fall in love with date night boxes after trying this one.

8| Romantic Tuscan Pottery Date Night Box

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Meet your new crush, an authentic Tuscan date. No one would say no to an invitation like this. Do you love date night boxes that bring another part of the world to you?

Then this is going to be your new favorite. Try snacks from Italy’s most beloved region while reconnecting through pottery. The box includes all the tools you may need for a perfect date at home.

7| Personalized Date night box For Valentine’s Day & Anniversaries

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The best anniversary or valentine’s day gifts last long, therefore this box of date night ideas is a great surprise. You can choose the number of dates it would come with, while the box itself can be personalized too.

Most date night boxes offer much more than a single date and with this one you can gift up to 52 special memories. The wooden cards may contain simpler dates and fun and romantic games for couples to play at home or outdoors.

6| Sex Game in a Date night box

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This romantic box for couples is going to spice things up, no matter if you are married for decades, or just got together. Naturally, it is important to make sure you are both into certain sex poses.

If you are in search of couple games that are a little out of the box, still very much in the box, this is for you. You are in for a treat, take a relaxing bath and then get into the sexy memory game with your partner.

5| Spooky Escape Room Date Night Box- Madame Medora’s House of Curiosities

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Some of the best at-home date night ideas are escape rooms for couples. If you enjoy solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries, this is now certainly for you. Although, if you are new to escape room games, it could be tremendous fun as well.

This is a one-time date night box, however, the memory remains forever. Enter Madam Medora’s House of Curiosities and deepen your relationship. This is one of the most fun and spooky escape room kits so it’s perfect for beginners and advanced players alike.

4| Jungle Survival Date Night Box – Stranded in Love

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The Stranded survival game is a great way to see if you are ready for some extreme adventures. Work together to get out in one piece and fall in love even deeper. Are you always on the lookout for romantic game night ideas?

Do not miss the opportunity to get stranded with your partner. It could also be a great gift if your partner loves date night boxes. This one is also a one time date night box, but the experience is going to be unforgettable.

3| Date Night Box Winter Edition

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Christmas lovers are going to highly appreciate this cozy winter-themed date night box. It doesn’t have to be winter for this box, your better half may find it the best date night idea during summer too.

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and get to painting with your love. Many people have great memories of winter and create some fun winter memories this summer.

2| Camp Date Night Box

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Sometimes date night boxes can be perfectly combined with other ideas. This amazing camp date night box is one of the best at-home date night ideas. We already collected some great date night ideas, and camping at home sounds truly fun.

Set up a tent or fort, fire up the planetarium projector, and toast some marshmallows. Furthermore, you can make s’mores while watching your favorite movie or while playing couple games.

1| Western Train Heist Date Night Box – Wanted: Partners in Crime

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If your partner is into the Wild West theme, then you couldn’t find a better valentine’s day surprise, than this date night box. Gift a fun evening that is packed with action and puzzles. You are going to be bandits for the night, will you be able to pull off the next big heist?

It is surely among the most exciting date night games for couples. You are in luck if you are looking for fun games for married couples because it is a superb way to color the everyday.


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