17 Weird Ways Kim Kardashian Celebrates Christmas

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The one time of year I *actually* wish I was a Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s house is usually giving “sexy morgue” or “abandoned convent” vibes.

It would be the perfect setting for a Conjuring movie or a random ritual sacrifice.

But Kim gives the concrete palace a makeover for holidays.


For example, she keeps Kenny G in the basement and lets him out on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s all the ways Kim Kardashian celebrates Christmas that will make you feel completely destitute.


First of all, Kim decorates her house with large, poofy Q-tip-looking things that probably cost a million dollars.

Twitter: @OyeKaren17

They’re all over the place.

It’s apparently supposed to be some sort of “Whoville” theme…


This year, Kim put a large illuminated globe at the end of her hallway.

It changes colors and definitely isn’t creepy at all. At all!


Another thing Kim did this year is that every morning she has a Grammy award winning pianist play for her family.

I kid you not, it’s for the entire month of December.


Now let’s talk about presents. Every year she has a new wrapping theme. One year it was fabric.


And another year Kanye just gave Kim 150 presents wrapped in black boxes.

All of those black boxes were for Kim.


Last year, Kim got her daughter a $65,000 Michael Jackson jacket.

It’s the jacket Michael wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images


One year, Kanye gave Kim hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock.

Like, he gave her 920 shares of Disney worth $100k alone.


Not only does Kim get good gifts, but high fashion brands send her kids gifts for free. For free!


Her mom Kris also gives out over-the-top gifts. One year she gave out gift bags with Dolce Gabbana and Smeg products.


The only thing somewhat normal about Kim’s Christmas is her tree.


And these cute reindeer that she has throughout her house.


Then there’s the annual family Christmas party.

Yes, a family Christmas party with a casual John Legend performance.


They also have elaborate photo/Instagram taking installations.


Last but not least, one year Kim and Kanye even turned their entire backyard, IN CALIFORNIA, into a winter wonderland.


That same year they also built their own sledding hill.

So yeah, as you can see, Christmas is very expensive for Kim and co.. Now please invite me to that “family Christmas party” because it looks pretty great.

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