150+ New Netflix Movies to Watch in March 2022

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Each month, Netflix gives its list of titles a refresh, bringing in classic favorites, new releases, and a ton of originals. Though this revamping applies to the streamer’s selection of TV shows, documentaries, and movies, it’s the movie selection that tends to be especially impressive each month. So, get ready to celebrate all that Netflix is bringing to the table and enjoy each of these new streamable options.

Netflix is continuously upping its game with original titles on top of studio releases, not to mention new picks from countries all over the world. It’s guaranteed there will be a movie for you to watch no matter what you’re looking for — a tearjerker, a Spanish thriller, a historical war movie, something sexy and steamy, a solid gold comedy, and anything else you can come up with. You want it, Netflix has got it.

And thanks to this comprehensive list of new movies Netflix is rolling out each month, you can stay on top of what you’re watching and make sure no new title slips by unwatched. Plus, this serves as a handy checklist for movie fans to ensure they’re really getting the most out of the streaming service. For everything that’s new on Netflix this month — and beyond — keep reading.

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