15 Best Luxury Face Oils for Glowing Skin in 2021: High-End Facial Oils

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It wasn’t long ago when oil was considered taboo in a skincare routine. Oil-blotting pads, oil-free cleansers, and products to remove excess oil were the norm when it came to warding off a slick, shiny complexion. At the time, the concept of face oil seemed counterintuitive. Why add more oil to your face, when that’s exactly the thing you’re trying to get rid of? According to skincare guru and celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech, whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Christy Turlington, and Kate Winslet, this is a common misconception. “People with oily skin think they can’t use oils, because it will clog their pores. This is not true,” she tells us. “Oils dissolve oils.”

High-quality facial oils can nourish the skin to balance it out, which actually helps to stabilize the production of sebum (our skin’s natural oil). Plus, for most skin types, it’s great for locking in hydration, protecting the skin’s natural barrier, reducing fine lines, and promoting a healthy, dewy glow. If facial oil is missing from your beauty regimen, we’re here to tell you why you might want to consider using it.

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