14 Wireless Bras That Prove Comfort and Support Can Coexist | Fashion

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We may have bid adieu to the very idea of the bra throughout the time warp that was 2020. But chances are, we’ll have to re-acquaint ourselves with that particular undergarment at some point in our lifetime. While we’ve long been taught that the wireless bra pales in comparison to its wired counterpart when it comes to providing that boost and support our chest loves to hate, the marvels of modern science have certainly made the differentiation between these types of bras significantly less noticeable. In fact, wireless bras can still support your chest by relying on more structured fabrics that are naturally designed to offer support, sans hardwire.

Wireless bras are a great choice for women of all cup sizes, though they’re generally best for those who require (or desire) slightly less artificial shaping. If your chest has a naturally lifted shape and doesn’t require any extra perkiness, then a wireless bra is perfectly adequate (and most likely, much more comfortable)—you may even forget that you have anything on at all. Below, we dive into our 14 favorite wireless bras.

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